About Randy Sapp

Randy is owner of Madison Digital and Vocal Director at Cherry Hills Community Church. Previous to his recent move to Colorado, Randy was adjunct professor in the commercial music degree program of Azusa Pacific University and recording studio director. He has taught classes in Audio and Acoustics, Audio Recording, Production Techniques, given seminars on live sound and directed various choral and instrumental groups.

Over the past 30 years, Randy has produced recordings ranging from contemporary to orchestral and enjoys a wide variety of musical styles. He feels it is important to experience all genre of music to be effective as a producer and audio engineer.

Madison Digital, is proud to have recorded in many locations in various countries. Recording locations most recent include Dvorak Hall with The City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and Sugar Hill Studios, Houston, Texas, a 50 year old classic with an amazing history. Randy has also conducted orchestra sessions at Smecky Studios and Dvorak Hall, Prague, Czech Republic. Favorite studio locations also include the world famous United Western in Hollywood, CA and MartinSound, Alhambra CA. Over the years, Randy has produced, engineered or acted in an associate capacity (early years) with recordings in London, including the first digital recording of sacred classics, 1984, at Abbey Road, and countless location recordings in churches and concert halls. Randy lives in Castle Rock, Colorado with his wife of 25 years, Analee and their 4 children; Nolan, Lacey, Braden and Jerran.

Smecky Studio, Prague